Jewelry Care and Best Practices

Jewelry care

While solid gold requires little-to-no maintenance to last a lifetime, your gold-filled jewelry can last you for years as well with the proper care! 

General Maintenance

  1. When getting dressed, put jewelry on last to avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals that may be in things like hairspray or perfume. 
  2. Wipe jewelry pieces with a soft cloth every so often to keep them shiny and looking their best.
  3. If you suspect dirt, oil, or makeup residue are lingering on your jewelry at the end of the day, clean with mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.
  4. Take off jewelry before going to bed. Our pieces are sturdy, but some are more delicate than others. Storing your jewelry keeps the items safe from damage or getting snagged on your bed sheets.

Things to Avoid

  1. Always take your jewelry off before entering chlorinated water, such as in pools or hot tubs. Chlorine and other chemicals don’t mix well with precious metals. Salt water, like in the ocean, should be avoided as well.
  2. Excessive sweating can leave a film or residue on your jewelry. Make sure to clean off your pieces with a mild soap and water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  3. Sunscreen can be especially damaging to your pieces. Make sure you take them off when applying sunscreen, and then wait a few minutes for it to soak in before putting them back on. Be sure to give your pieces a good wash after a day of wearing sunscreen to remove any residual product.
  4. Avoid leaving your jewelry dirty. If you’re not going to wear it for a while, make sure it’s clean.

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